About PKU

Behind this fiction story there is a very real cause.

What is it?

The phenylketonuria is a rare disease, hereditary and without any cure. It consists of an alteration of the metabolism that prevents the processing of a fraction of the protein; the phenylalanine. Both the lack and excess of phenylalanine in the blood supposes a serious problem in the growth of physical and mental development of a human being.

Any food with protein, for example meat, milk or egg, must be eaten in extremely small quantities and with great precision. A bad calculation, a gram more or a gram less, can cause irreversible brain damage.

Besides following a very strict diet, to provide the body with all the needed protein, a person with PKU must ingest some chemical preparations every day, for the rest of their lives.

But the real problem arises when it comes to control the level of protein (specifically phenylalanine) in the blood to know if the diet is being adequate. Only constant and real-time monitoring of these levels could guarantee a healthy life for this people.

This is why the Home Phe Monitor project was created by the PKU Foundation together with Hospital Sant Joan de Déu and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. A devise that thanks to your collaboration can become true.

We need to raise funds to develop the Home Phe Monitor.