PKU: Protein Kills Us

Behind this fiction story there is a very real cause.

The main purpose of this short film is to raise funds to be able to develop the Home Phe Monitor device, which would allow for a real-time monitoring of blood protein levels. This would make it easy for people to calculate how much they can eat regarding each meal’s nutrients and to regulate themselves accordingly. Only with this device we would be able to guarantee that these people eat in a safe, non-hazardous manner.



The short film shows the life of Candela, a single survivor in a post-apocalyptic future. A woman who, in addition to facing the difficulties of subsisting in an almost sterile environment, where insects are the only source of natural protein, suffers from a rare disease: PKU. Unfortunately, or luckily, the Home Phe Monitor is what guarantees her survival.



Esmeralda Moya

Esmeralda Moya, Spanish actress and model, is especially recognized for her roles in television series such as “The Protected” “90-60-90”, “Secret Diary of a Teenage Girl”, “Land of Wolves” and in the recent “45 Revolutions”.

However, where it has won the public the most has been in “PKU: Protein Kills Us”.

Breaking schemes, she has embodied a complex character with an important dramatic weight. Technically a science fiction story, but with very real solidarity purposes.

Undoubtedly, a difficult combination that only a great actress with a big heart could interpret, getting to thrill the viewer.

A heart that, of course, could only fit on the big screen.


We need to raise funds to develop the Home Phe Monitor