Fundation PKU

Behind this fiction story there is a very real cause.

Meet the Foundation

The foundation the PKU FOUNDATION and OTHER METABOLIC DISORDERS, is a non-profit entity recently founded in 2018 by a group of parents of the Catalan Association of Metabolics Hereditaris PKU/ATM Trastorns, with the aim of meeting the needs of people affected by inhered metabolic disorders.

With actions such as the release of the short film “ PKU: Protein Kills Us” we intend to publicize this disease and raise funds for our main objective: to finance the Home Phe Monitor that would allow real-time monitoring and, in this way, regulate the blood protein level of the people with PKU.

To facilitate a safe and transparent donation, we redirect you to the official website of the PKU Foundation, where you can help us easily.

What to you takes a few second it will be reflected in thousands of lives.

Contact Information

Tel. + 34 932 287 810 | E.

We need to raise funds to develop the Home Phe Monitor

Learn the story of Candela, the girl who inspired «PKU: Protein Kills Us»

A project that, thanks to you, will help the financing of the Home Phe Monitor and that will change the life her and thousands of people.