Home Phe Monitor

The device that, thanks to you, will change the lives of thousands of people.

Home Phe Monitor

The Home Phe Monitor project was born from the PKU FOUNDATION and OTHER METABOLIC DISORDERS together with the Hereditary Metabolic Diseases laboratory of the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, led by Dr. Rafael Artuch, and together with the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

If we get enough founding to develop the Home Phe Monitor, patients would not have to approach the emergency services of specialized hospitals to measure their blood protein level and, therefore, their health status. This device would show such information anywhere, anytime, being able to adjust the amount of protein in each intake.

In this way, not only would the visits to the emergency services of the specialized hospitals be reduced, therefore saving healthcare costs, furthermore it is expected that in medium-long term the possible sequalae that they could suffer will be reduced.

We need to raise funds to develop the Home Phe Monitor